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coffee & rolls
coffee & rolls
coffee & rolls

09:30-11:00  oral session 5
09:30-11:30  technical tour
09:45-11:00  opening & oral session 1

coffee break coffee break

11:30-13:00  oral session 2
11:30-12:30  oral session 6


steering meeting

14:00-15:00  oral session 3
14:00-15:00  oral session 7

15:00-16:30  poster session & coffee coffee break

15:30-16:30  summary & discussion

16:30-18:00  oral session 4



welcome reception

(WS hotel)
optional dinner
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Day 2, Monday, Oct. 7
09:45  opening
welcoming & logistics

10:00  oral session 1    Overview 1    Chair: Masami Ohnishi
1-1 "Status of the University of Wisconsin IEC Program-2013", Gerald L. Kulcinski, University of Wisconsin (abstract/presentation)
1-2 "Overview of IEC Research at Tokyo Tech.", Eiki Hotta, Tokyo Institute of Technology (abstract/presentation)

11:30  oral session 2    Overview 2    Chair: Gerald L. Kulcinski
2-1 "D-T Burning Experiment in IEC", Masami Ohnishi, Kansai University (abstract/presentation)
2-2 "Recent and Upcoming IEC Research at the University of Maryland", Raymond J. Sedwick, University of Maryland (abstract/presentation)
2-3 "Towards a Virtual Cathode for Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion", Joe Khachan, The University of Sydney (abstract/presentation)

14:00  oral session 3    High Voltage Power Supply    Chair: Eiki Hotta
3-1 "UW IEC Group 2013: HV Switch Work and Laboratory Expansion - Surprising Challenges and Unexpected Opportunities -", Richard L. Bonomo, University of Wisconsin (abstract/presentation)
3-2 "SiC Power Device - Introduction and expected application - ", Hiroshi Horibe, KURITA Corp. (abstract/presentation)

15:00  poster session
P-1 "Planar Geometry IEC Fusion Device", Daniel R. Knapp, Medical University of South Carolina (abstract/presentation)
P-2 "A Coaxial Double Cylinder IECF Device Operate in High Current Pulse Discharge", Wantapon Ngamdee, Tokyo Institute of Technology (abstract/presentation)
P-3 "Three-Dimensional Particle Simulations on IEC using a GRAPE Special-purpose Computer System", Kazunari Fujii, Kansai University (abstract/presentation)
P-4 "Tritium recovery system in the D-T reaction with IEC", Masaaki Onishi, Kansai University (abstract/presentation)
P-5 "Development of High-Power Pulsed DD-IEC Neutron Source for Nuclear Material Detection System", Kazuki Inoue, Kyoto University (abstract/presentation)
P-6 "Small IECF device project at Kansai U.", Hodaka Osawa, Kansai University (abstract/presentation)

16:30  oral session 4    Theory, Simulation    Chair: Kai Masuda
4-1 "Evolution of the UW Integral Equation IEC Theory Effort", John F. Santarius, University of Wisconsin (abstract/presentation)
4-2 "New Design Features for Polywell", Joel G. Rogers, Convergent Scientific, Inc. (abstract/presentation)
4-3 "Simulations for the Traveling Wave Direct Energy Converter", Drew M. Chap, University of Maryland (abstract/presentation)

Day 3, Tuesday, Oct. 8
09:30  session 5    Diagnostic    Chair: Raymond J. Sedwick
5-1 "Upgrades to the IEC Time of Flight Diagnostic", Aaron M. McEvoy, University of Wisconsin (abstract/presentation)
5-2 "Capacitive Probe for Plasma Potential Measurements in a Vacuum diode and Polywell Device", Scott J. Cornish, The University of Sydney (abstract/presentation)
5-3 "Design and Construction of a Neutral Particle Analyzer for an IEC Device", Gabriel Becerra, University of Wisconsin (abstract/presentation)

11:30  oral session 6    IEC Operation    Chair: John F. Santarius
6-1 "Parallel Operation of Small IEC Device", Kazuki Makino, Kansai University (abstract/presentation)
6-2 "Constructing IEC Device for D-T burning", Keita Kamakura, Kansai University (abstract/presentation)

14:00  oral session 7    Application    Chair: Joe Khachan
7-1 "Recent Progress at Phoenix Nuclear Labs and SHINE Medical Technologies", Gerald L. Kulcinski, University of Wisconsin (abstract/presentation)
7-2 "Active Interrogation of Special Nuclear Materials by use of Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Neutron Source", Kai Masuda, Kyoto University (abstract/presentation)

15:30  WS summary and discussion