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(Award) 7th Asia Pacific NMR Symposium, The Best Student Oral/Poster Award
The Ion ITB on HL-2A tokamak
(Award) SSSN-Kansai Young Researcher Award
Job Opening for Faculty Position at the Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University
News Letter No.62

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Research Results

エネルギー利用過程研究部門 Advanced Energy Utilization Research Division
分子ナノ工学 Molecular Nanotechnology
Homochiral-polymerization-driven selective growth of graphene nanoribbons
エネルギー機能変換研究部門 Advanced Energy Conversion Research Division
レーザー科学 Advanced Laser Science
Observation of number-density-dependent growth of plasmonic nanobubbles
エネルギー生成研究部門 Advanced Energy Generation Research Division
原子エネルギー Advanced Atomic Energy
Chemical State Mapping of Degraded B4C Control Rod Investigated with Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer in Electron Probe Micro-analysis
エネルギー機能変換研究部門 Advanced Energy Conversion Research Division
複合機能変換過程 Advanced Energy materials
Discovery of a New Mechanism to Efficiently Induce Luminescence in Carbon Nanotubes

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