Outreach Activities

Outreach Activities

In order to share our education and research achievements with the community, the Institute of Advanced Energy (IAE) is actively involved in outreach activities, some of which are listed below. We are committed to giving back to society and contributing to the continuous development of civilization from the standpoint of energy. Upcoming outreach events are updated on the IAE website. We invite all who are interested to participate.

For the general public:

  • Kyoto University Uji Open Campus
  • IAE public lectures
  • Open courses for the general public

For educational institutions:

  • Tours for high school students
  • Training for technical college students
  • International and domestic student exchanges with other universities and research institutes
  • Acceptance of short-term research students and international students

For industry:

  • Industry-government-academia events
  • Collaboration symposia
  • Technical advice and technology transfer to companies

Additionally, everyone is welcome to visit our website, enjoy our panel exhibit at the Uji Obaku Plaza of Kyoto University, and watch our introductory video at the Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall of the Yoshida Campus.