Advanced Energy Generation Division

We promote the development of socio-friendly “zero-emission energy system” and innovative energy sources with particular function including their application technology.

Advanced Energy Conversion Division

Aiming at the efficient conversion of energy functions and the generation of new energy functions, this division studies fundamental energy-material interaction and its applications, efficient energy-conversion processes, and the development of functional energy materials.

Advanced Energy Utilization Division

The research projects ongoing at Advanced Energy Utilization Division cover basic and applied researches of energy-related materials sciences, chemistry and of biosciences for the development of new technologies for renewable energy utilization.

Laboratory for Complex Energy Processes

The Laboratory for Complex Energy Processes was established as the core institution for cross-field studies in the Institute of Advance Energy (IAE), offering the basic functions of the cooperative studies in the field of advanced energy science and technology.

Interactions among Divisions

The Institute of Advanced Energy has three divisions including "Advanced Energy Generation Division", "Advanced Energy Conversion Division", and "Advanced Energy Utilization Division". Each division conducts distinct research from their own viewpoints as described in next section. In addition to these researches, interdisciplinary research is also necessary to develop advanced energy indispensable for the sustainable development of humankind and to realize next generation energy systems, especially our current targeted energy, "Zero-Emission Energy".

Towards this goal, the Laboratory for Complex Energy Processes has been promoting interdisciplinary collaborative research projects among three divisions since the establishment of the laboratory. Such collaborations through the projects now focused on two research fields of "Advanced Plasma & Quantum Energy" and "Photon-&-Nano-Technology for Energy". This multilayered structure of our research activities has enhanced the comprehensive capabilities of the institute, thereby creating a unique research institute that differs from the other energy related institutes.

Institute of Advanced Energy,Kyoto University

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