Our Research

Our research focuses on the physical properties, functions, and energy applications of quantum materials that exhibit significant quantum mechanical effects, such as carbon nanotubes (CNT) and recently discovered topological materials. The aim is to create new technologies for highly efficient use of solar light/thermal energy that will contribute to the realization of a sustainable energy society. To understand the unique physical properties of these materials from the fundamental principles and extract superior functions that exceed the limits of conventional materials, we are promoting interdisciplinary research that covers basic sciences, including condensed matter physics and materials synthesis, as well as thermal, mechanical, electronic, and optical engineering along with the fabrication of integrated nanomaterials.


January 13, 2023
news1 Akira Takakura (Program-specific researcher) received the Iijima Award for Young Scientists at the Fullerene-Nanotubes-Graphene (FNTG) General Symposium.

January 11, 2023
news1 Riku Kiyohara (student, M2) received the Best Poster Presentation Award at the 2nd Student Research Presentation Meeting of the Institute of Advanced Energy.

January 9, 2023
news1 Our paper on the directional exciton-energy transport in a 2D lateral alloy semiconductor has been published online in Applied Physics Express. ©️ [2023] IOP Publishing.

December 8, 2022
news1 Prof. Miyauchi received the Shimadzu Research Promotion Award.

October 18, 2022
news1 Our paper on polarized Raman spectroscopy on topological semimetal Co3Sn2S2 has been published in Journal of Raman Spectroscopy. (Open access, CC BY-NC-ND Licence)

October 1, 2022
news1 Hengkai WU joined our lab as a new lab member (D1, IESC course)!

July 9, 2022
news1 Our paper on the statistical verification of "anomaly" in chiral angle distribution of carbon nanotubes has been published online in Nano Letters. (Open access, CC BY-NC-ND Licence)

April 28, 2022
news1 Our paper on the directional exciton-energy transport in a 2D lateral heterostructure has been published online in ACS Nano. ©️ [2022] American Chemical Society.

April 12, 2022
news1 A group photo of the lab was taken at the start of 2022 academic year.

January 13, 2022
news1 Our paper on the broadband refractive index spectra of single chirality carbon nanotube membranes has been published online in Nanophotonics. ©️ [2022] Taishi Nishihara et al., published by De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)

June 18, 2021
news1 Our paper on the theory of exciton thermal radiation from semiconducting carbon nanotubes has been published in Optics Letters. ©️ [2021] Optical Society of America

April 23, 2021
news1 Lab page of Miyauchi Group has been launched (partially).

April 1, 2021
news1 As of April 1, 2021, Miyauchi lab. (Advanced Energy Conversion Research Division, Functional Materials Science and Engineering Research Section) has been established at the Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University.