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Kyoto University,JAPAN

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  • Kyoto-Erlangen Symposium on Advanced Energy and Materials [NEW!]
  • 29th Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry
  • CREST-International Symposium on SiC/SiC Composite Materials R & D and Its Application to Advanced Energy Systems
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  • Quantum Radiation Energy Research Section
  • Advanced Atomic Energy Reserch Section
  • Advanced Particle Beam Energy Research Section
  • Advanced Plasma Energy Research Section
  • Advanced Energy Research Section
  • Advanced Energy Conversion Division

  • Advanced Energy Materials Research Section
  • Advanced Energy Transportation Research Section
  • Advanced Energy Storage Research Section
  • Complex Plasma System Research Section
  • Clean Energy Resarch Section
  • Advanced Energy Utilizaiton Division

  • Chemical Reaction Complex Processes Research Section
  • Molecular Assemblies Design Research Section
  • Advanced Functional Materials Research Section
  • Bioenergetics Research Section
  • Laboratory for Complex Energy Processes
  • Heliotron J
  • Optimization Study of Helical-axis Heliotron
  • Beam-Material Interactions Research Facility
  • Research and Development of Severe Environment-Tolerant Advanced Energy Materials using Multiple Charged Particle and Quantum Beams
  • Laboratory for Complex Energy Processes
  • System for Creation and Functional Analysis of Catalytic Materials

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