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ZE2021A-01 A. Kitada / Kyoto University

Elucidation of Hopping Conduction in Lithium Excess Solvate Ionic Liquids

ZE2021A-02 T. Kawasaki / High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

Study on lignin degradation by infrared free electron laser

ZE2021A-03 K. Fukumoto / University of Fukui

Study of formation process of solute clusters in stainless steel with ion irradiation

ZE2021A-04 H. Takashima / Nara Women's University

Photoinduced electron-transfer reactions of metal complexes as photosensitizers bound to the active site of enzyme

ZE2021A-05 R. Sakaguchi / Kyoto University

Elucidation of redox status-dependent mitochondrial temperature fluctuation towards the development of energy production system mimicking mitochondria

ZE2021A-06 H. Sakaguchi / Tottori University

Bi-Based Alloy Anode Materials for Na-Ion Batteries

ZE2021A-07 R. Kasada / Tohoku University

Chemical state analysis of borocarbides

ZE2021A-08 Y. Kishimoto / Kyoto University

Generation and sustainment of high-energy density plasmas via the interaction between high power laser and structured medium

ZE2021A-09 M. Takeda / Yokohama National University

Functionalization of amino sugar-containing polysaccharides using environmental microbes

ZE2021A-10 T. Watanabe / Kyoto University

Interaction analysis between cellulase carbohydrate-binding module and lignin by ultra-high sensitivity NMR for biorefinery

ZE2021A-11 T. Chikada / Shizuoka University

Combined effect of irradiation and corrosion on hydrogen isotope permeation behavior in functional coatings for fusion reactor blanket

ZE2021A-12 R. Kurokawa / Saitama Medical University

Analysis of fused in sarcoma aggregation caused by shear stress and suppression of aggregation by non-coding RNA

ZE2021A-13 Y. Hatano / Toyama University

Influence of Alloying Elements on Radiation Damage Formation and Hydrogen Isotope Trapping in Tungsten

ZE2021A-14 K. Matsumoto / Kyoto University

Strucutral analysis of fluorine-containing compounds by NMR spectroscopy

ZE2021A-15 Y. Oya / Shizuoka University

Hydrogen isotope retention for damaged W-10%Re

ZE2021A-16 S. Kondo / Tohoku University

The effects of dangling-bond on anodic dissolution of ceramics

ZE2021A-17 Nguyen Thi Van Anh / VNU University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Development of biomaterial which improve gut microbiome and health of white-leg shrimp by using heat-stable carotenoid-producing Bacillus spores

ZE2021A-18 M. Ando / National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology

High-Fluence Irradiation Behavior of Reduced Activation Fusion Reactor Materials and its Mechanical Property

ZE2021A-19 R. Matsui / Kyoto University

Development of low-density stacked CNT target and fundamental process of the interaction by high-intensity laser irradiation

ZE2021A-20 K. Yasuda / Kyoto University

Electrodeposition of Si in Molten Salts Containing Silicate Ions towards the Production of Solar-Grade Silicon

ZE2021A-21 M. Horiuchi / Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

Development of the crystalline cellulose degradation system consisting of the psychrophilic fungus-type hybrid enzymes

ZE2021A-22 M. Akiyoshi / Osaka Prefecture University

Advanced thermal diffusivity evaluation method using D3 miniature specimens at elevated temperature

ZE2021A-23 S. Nogami / Tohoku University

Study on Optimization of Alloying Elements of Tungsten Alloys for Improved Irradiation Tolerance

ZE2021A-24 K. Yasuda / Kyushu University

Synegistic effects of electronic excitation and displacement damage in oxide/nitride ceramics

ZE2021A-25 Y. Ueda / Osaka University

Hydrogen and helium mixed plasma irradiation effects on tungsten materials with rhenium

ZE2021A-26 K. Sasaki / Hirosaki University

Analysis of element distribution changes in solid lithium electrolyte generated by electrodialysis using rf-GD-OES

ZE2021A-27 N. Oono-Hori / Yokohama National University

Evaluation of irradiation resistance of high entropy oxide superconductors

ZE2021A-28 Y. Domi / Tottori University

Potassiation–Depotassiation Properties of Various Antimony–Based Alloys as Novel Anode Materials of K-Ion Battery

ZE2021A-29 M. Shimizu / Kyoto Institute of Technology

Development of Emissive Solid Materials Applicable to Luminescent Solar Concentrators

ZE2021A-30 T. Nakajima / Tokyo University of Science

Development of pulsed laser deposition using infrared free electron laser

ZE2021A-31 T. Sakamoto / Chiba Institute of Technology

NMR analysis of peptides and nucleic acids that modulate biomolecular functions

ZE2021A-32 T. Yamamoto / University of California, Santa Barbara

On the Displacement Damage-Helium Interaction Effects on Cavity Evolution and Void Swelling in Dual Ion Irradiated Tempered Martensitic F82H Steels

ZE2021A-33 S. Kashiwagi / Tohoku University

Generation of high intensity THz pulse by superimposing of undulator superradiance

ZE2021A-34 M. Kitaura / Yamagata University

Carrier diffusion process in silicide kankyo semiconductors revealed by mid-infrared free electron laser

ZE2021A-35 S. Waga / Japan women’s University

Human origin recognition complex subunit 1 bound to DNAs that form G-quadruplex structures

ZE2021A-36 N. Iwata / Kurume College

The temperature dependence of ductility in Al, Zr-added ODS ferritic steel treated under different MA atmospheres

ZE2021A-37 I. Takahashi / Chiba Institute of Technology

Study of material development and interface design for all-solid- state Li ion battery

ZE2021A-38 M. Hashida / Kyoto University

In-situ measurement of periodic nanostructures on semiconductor surface induced by mid-infrared free electron lasers

ZE2021A-39 V. Vai / Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Study on the Impact of Phase Reconfiguration in Unbalanced Distribution Systems

ZE2021A-40 K. Hachiya / Kyoto University

Applicaion of mode-selective phonon-excitation method in semiconductors of energy functionality with mid-infrared free-electron laser

ZE2021A-41 J. Fujioka / Tokyo University of science

Elucidation of ablation mechanism on molding materials and surface modification by infrared free electron laser

ZE2021A-42 J.H. Kim / National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology

Hydrogen solution energy in Be-rich intermetallics bulk by density functional theory calculations

ZE2021A-43 A. Sanpei / Kyoto Institute of Technology

Analysis of transition from axisymmetric torus to helical axis toroidal plasma

ZE2021B-01 S. Okada / University of Tsukuba

Design and investigation of complexes comprising atom-layered materials

ZE2021B-02 S. Konabe / Hosei University

Theory of exciton thermal radiation in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes

ZE2021B-03 Y. Tanaka / Yokohama National University

Identification of quadruplexes that can regulate gene expression

ZE2021B-04 K. Fukami / Kyoto University

Surface Processing of SiC Achieved by Combination of Phonon Excitation using FEL and Electrochemistry

ZE2021B-05 N. Hashimoto / Hokkaido University

Development of reduced activation high entropy materials for high energy reactor

ZE2021B-06 K. Tougou / University of Fukui

The study of material degradation evaluation with irradiation hardening in tungsten for divertor

ZE2021B-07 M. Numata / Kyoto Prefectural University

Supramolecular reaction at the end of linearly moving nanofiber

ZE2021B-08 H. Matsushima / Hokkaido University

Study of Hydrogen Isotope Separation Technology by Molten Salt

ZE2021B-09 T. Miyazawa / Tohoku University

Development of tantalum added vanadium alloys for fusion reactors

ZE2021B-10 T. Shikama / Kyoto University

Spatially resolved measurement of atomic emission line spectra using NIR Zeeman spectroscopy

ZE2021B-11 T. Shibayama / Hokkaido University

Nondestructive evaluation of residual elastic strain distribution around the interface between non-irradiated areas and ion irradiated area II

ZE2021B-12 Nasrudin Abd Rahim / University of Malaya, Malaysia

Solar PV Power Conversion Reliability and Degradation Issues in Malaysia

ZE2021B-13 Y. Miyake / Kyoto Institute of Technology

Development and application of organic spintronics materials toward energy-saving devices

ZE2021B-14 Y. Ohtsuki / Tohoku University

Highly efficient photochemical reactions induced by optimal laser pulses: Quantum optimal control with machine learning

ZE2021B-15 K. Sato / Kagoshima University

Dependence of the hardness increase caused by hydrogenation on irradiation temperature in ion-irradiated tungsten

ZE2021B-16 B. Tsuchiya / Meijo University

Trapping Processes of He and H in Ion-irradiated Nano-structured Ferritic Alloys (NFAs)

ZE2021B-17 T. Imai / The University of Electro-Communications

NMR analysis of the three-dimensional solution structure of the sequence-specific RNA-binding protein Musashi1 involved in translation control of the downstream target RNA

ZE2021B-18 S. Sato / Kyoto University

A small-molecule-based technology for live-cell imaging of energy metabolism

ZE2021B-19 A. Takaori / Kyoto University

Research and development of enzymatic activity control using VHH antibody

ZE2021B-20 S. Inagaki / Kyushu University

Time-series data analysis of Heliotron-J plasma by statistical modeling

ZE2021B-21 A. Harada / Osaka Prefecture University

Development of ultrasound-enhanced cell-internalization method and mechanism evaluation

ZE2021B-22 N. Sei / National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Measurement of coherent edge radiation spectra during free-electron laser oscillations

ZE2021B-23 H. Kusunoki / National Institute of Infectious Diseases

Study for the development of functional peptides using NMR

ZE2021B-24 H. Watanabe / Kyushu University

Hydrogen pickup of ion irradiated Zry alloys

ZE2021B-25 M. Sakai / University of Yamanashi

Study of spacial property of excitons in atomically thin layered materials using near-field scanning optical microscope

ZE2021B-26 S. Ohnuki / University of Science and Technology Beijing

Effect of irradiation on Coated Materials for Tritium Barrier

ZE2021B-27 H. Matsuura / Osaka Prefecture University

Quantitative relationship between plasma-produced reactive radical amount and biological/chemical reaction promotion

ZE2021B-28 R. Hajima / National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology

Gas Ionization with Ultrafast Intense Long-Wavelegth Infrared Pulses

ZE2021B-29 M. Fukuda / Fukuoka University

Development of an RNA editing oligonucleotide to regulate the production and utilization of biological energy

ZE2021B-30 S. Mouri / Ritsumeikan University

Development of optical devices using the interface of layered material and nitride semiconductor

ZE2021B-31 K. Yamana / University of Hyogo

Ultra-Highly Sensitive DNA/RNA Sensor

ZE2021B-32 M. Shibahara / Kobe University

Natural Convection Heat Transfer for Sugar Alcohols

ZE2021B-33 K. Tobita / Tohoku University

Impact of nonlinear wave-plasma interaction on electron cyclotron current drive (ECCD) in tokamak fusion reactor

ZE2021B-34 Y. Katsuda / Kumamoto University

Design of Staple oligomer based on thermodynamic analysis

ZE2021B-35 M. Yoshikawa / University of Tsukuba

Extension of operation regimes for advanced heliotron plasmas using stochastic electrostatic acceleration

ZE2021B-36 S. Noh / Pukyong National University

Microstructural evolution of ODS Ferritic Steels during cold working process for Next generation Nuclear components

ZE2021B-37 T. Nakamura / Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology

Analysis of reaction mechanism of haloacid dehalogenase

ZE2021B-38 K. Yokota / Tokyo University of Agriculture

Characterization of fengycins, cyclic lipopeptides, derived from Bacillus subtilis YAE51

ZE2021B-39 T. Ohira / Kanagawa University

Impacts of environmental stressors on plastic reproductive traits in the brine shrimp Artemia

ZE2021B-40 M. Ueno / Shimane University

Developmental research on microbial community structure analysis and biopest applications in medicinal plant cultivation

ZE2021B-41 N. Ozaki / Osaka University

Formation and crystalline characterization of periodic nanostructures on semiconductor substrates irradiated by intense mid-infrared laser pulses

ZE2021B-42 N. Nishino / Bauhutte Co. Ltd.

Development of high-speed camera image analysis method using magnetic field information

ZE2021B-43 S. Takayama / National Institute for Fusion Science

Development of a method for compsiting Li2TiO3 and nanocarbon by microwave irradiation

ZE2021B-44 A. Onoda / Hokkaido University

Supramolecular assembling regulation of bacterial cell division protein FtsZ on DNA nanostructures

ZE2021C-01 Y. Matsukawa / Kumamoto University

Determination of the free energy of the late-blooming phase (3)

ZE2021C-02 J. Shen / National Institute for Fusion Science

Study of ion irradiation effects on oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic steel

ZE2021C-03 I. Takashima / Kobe Pharmaceutical University

Fluorescent analyses of metals using cephem compound

ZE2021C-04 S. Kurosawa / Tohoku University

Study on emission process of scintillation material using the one electron beam and Dark Matter Search with a neutron source

ZE2021C-05 N. Ashikawa / National Institute for Fusion Science

Deuterium desorption from heavy ion irradiated tungsten using isothermal desorption method

ZE2021C-06 M. Zhao / National Institute for Fusion Science

Influence of irradiation defects on the tritium removal behavior from tungsten by hydrogen isotope exchange

ZE2021C-07 T. Yabutsuka / Kyoto University

Clarification of fine structure of environmentally compatible hydroxyapatite capsules

ZE2021C-08 S. Takai / Kyoto University

Conductivity Enhancement Mechanism of NASICON-type Lithium Ion Conductive Composite

ZE2021C-09 M. Sakamoto / Kyoto University

The effect of ion beam irradiation on the properties of hevily doped nanocrystals

ZE2021C-10 T. Kono / Nihon University

Carbon dioxide gas fixation by laser irradiation response to calculus forming bacteria

ZE2021C-11 F. Shishikura / Nihon University

Analyses of Electroretinograms from Crayfish’s Compound Eyes Evoked by KU-FEL Irradiation: Fast and Late Reaction

ZE2021C-12 K. Fushimi / Tokushima University

Measurement of scintillation response by fast neutron

ZE2021C-13 Y. Nagashima / Kyushu University

Statistical analysis on edge turbulence fluctuation data in Heliotron-J

ZE2021E-01 A. Eladl / Kyoto University

Estimation of different antibiotic formulations׳ potency after resistance genes assignment using standard strains

ZE2021E-02 O. Eladl / Kyoto Univeristy

Monitoring a structure of functional RNA in living human cell by in-cell NMR

ZE2021E-03 C. Meas / Kyoto Univeristy

Gender and energy research: Empowering interventions in renewable energy policy

ZE2021E-04 K. Ali / Kyoto University

Improving of a 3D NRF-CT image by the fusion visualization technique with a 3D gamma-CT image

ZE2021E-05 D. Qiu / Kyoto University

Present Status and Future improvement of Multi-pass Thomson Scattering System on Heliotron J

ZE2021E-06 N. Feng / Kyoto University

Simple and robust strategy to fabricate metal surfaces with enhanced broadband light absorption toward efficient photothermal conversion

ZE2021E-07 A. Yadav / Kyoto University

Comparative Studies on Graphite as Negative Electrode for Alkali Metal-Ion Batteries Using FSA-Based Ionic Liquids

ZE2021E-08 H. Wu / Kyoto University

Birefringence of single-structure-enriched carbon nanotube membranes

ZE2021E-09 C. Feng / Kyoto University

Spatial and Temporal Behaviors of Impurity Ions in Heliotron J Using VUV Spectroscopy

ZE2021E-10 P. Zhang / Kyoto University

Development of 320 GHz interferometer system for Heliotron J

ZE2021E-11 A. Iwata / Kyoto University

Evaluation of the Injection Parameters of the Laser Blow-off Spectroscopy System in Heliotron J

ZE2021E-12 A. Miyashita / Kyoto University

First Application of Infrared Imaging Video Bolometer to Neutral Beam Injected Plasma in Heliotron J

ZE2021E-13 W. Moteki / Kyoto University

Electrodeposition of Crystalline Silicon Using a Liquid Zn Electrode in KF–KCl Molten Salt

ZE2021E-14 Y. Chen / Kyoto University

PKA energy dependence of defect production in collision cascades

ZE2021E-15 F. Cai / Kyoto University

Optical Reconstruction of Plasma Boundary in EAST

ZE2021E-16 H. Konishi / Kyoto University

Construction of the CO2 fixing enzyme assembly on the DNA nanostructure

ZE2021E-17 K. Krishnamurthy / Kyoto University

Development of Stable DNA Nanomaterials for Bioenergetic Applications

GCOE-A K. Ali / Kyoto University

Carbon-neutral transitions: An evaluation of industrial strategies to advance renewable energy supply in some sectors of the Japanese manufacturing

GCOE-B M.H. Imaduddin / Kyoto University

Post Covid-19 Recovery Towards Carbon Neutral Society in Japan: Analysis on Transportation Sector