The 14th International Symposium of Advanced Energy Science Student Poster Award

The award ceremony for the Student Poster Award of the 14th International Symposium of Advanced Energy Science was held on August 31, 2023 (Thursday).

There were 51 student poster presentations at the 14th International Symposium of Advanced Energy Science. Among them, the Student Poster Award was awarded to the five posters.


Student Poster Award

P1-02 Yumi Okabe(Kyoto University)
Title: The bioactivities of microwave solvolysis lignin from woody biomass — anti-multidrug-resistant bacterial activity and anti-novel coronaviral activity


P1-09 Kaichi Teranishi(Kyoto University)
Title: Exciton effects at high temperatures in the transmittance spectra of single-walled carbon nanotube membranes


P2-02 Wataru Moteki(Kyoto University)
Title: Electrodeposition of Crystalline Si Film in Molten KF–KCl–K2SiF6 Using Thin Liquid Zn


P2-05 Zhirui Liu(Kyoto University)
Title: Fabrication and optical properties of high-purity carbon nanotube membrane without far-infrared absorption


P2-11 Hengkai Wu(Kyoto University)
Title: Determination of the complex refractive index spectra of singlestructure-enriched carbon nanotube membrane toward solar energy harvesting and utilization