Guide for Presenters(2019)

Please read the following Presenter Guidelines for Oral Presenters.

【Presentation Time】
Oral presentations are assigned for 30 minutes (presentation for 25 minutes for presentation, Q&A for 5 minutes).
Staff will inform you of the time with a bell.

1st Bell: 5 minutes before your presentation time
2nd Bell: End of your presentation time
3rd Bell: End of Q&A Session

【Presentation Method】
(1) Please come to the room of the session at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the session. Please inform your arrival to a room staff.
(2) Please bring your own PC (Windows, Mac) or device (CD-R or USB for Windows users)
(3) Your presentation file will be projected on the screen in the hall. Please set your PC's resolution in 1400×1050. During your presentation time, please stand behind a podium and make your presentation by using a laser pointer.
(4) Please begin your speech after a brief introduction by a chairman of each session.

【Presentation File】
(1) Oral presentation will be given by using a PC projector. Please bring your own presentation files (ppt) in a USB device or CD-ROM.
(2) It is highly recommended that you bring a backup data in case that some technical problems happen to your PC at the time of the speech.
(3) If you have not submitted your presentation file for proceedings, we will ask you at the registration desk at the time of your arrival to save your presentation file in the USB we will provide.

【For those who bring their own PC】
(1) Please complete a test operation of a projector during a coffee break right before your speech session.
(2) Please turn on your computer prior to your presentation and make sure that you can quickly project your speech file on the screen when your turn comes.
(3) For Mac users: Please use your own Mac PC at your speech .If you need a HDMI converter cable or/and an AC adaptor, please prepare them by yourselves.
(4) Please cancel a screen saver, a power saving setting and/or any kind of password on your PC. If you are a Mac user, please can