Workshop Place:

"Nippon Christian Academy Kansai Seminar House"

Ichijoji Takenouchi cho 23, Sakyo-ku, 606-8134 Kyoto, Japan
Tel. *81-(0)75-711-2115 Fax *81-(0)75-701-5256








Kansai Seminar House is a Christian Conference Center located in a beautiful environment in the Northern part of Kyoto between the Shugakuin Imperial Villa and the Manshuin Temple. Behind the modern guest house with Western style guest rooms and conference facilities, the house has a traditional Japanese style house with Japanese rooms, a Noh stage which can also be used for conferences, and a Japanese tea house, all located in a traditional Japanese garden.

Access to the workshop site:

The workshop site, Kansai Seminar House, is located at the foot of Mount Hiei, neighboring Shugakuin Imperial Villa. Access map (in Japanese) is available at the website of the Seminar House (

Participants from abroad may fly to Narita International Airport or Haneda (Tokyo International Airport) and then transfer to Kyoto by Shinkansen from JR Tokyo Station to Kyoto Station. It is more convenient and less expensive to take a flight to Kansai International Airport, if you find one from your country, and take a special express train JR Haruka.

You may get to the Seminar House by taking first Kyoto city subway Karasuma line up to the north, getting off at Kitayama or Matsugasaki station, and then taking a taxi. You may find more taxis available at Kitayama than at Matsugasaki.

Skygateshuttle from/to Kansai International Airport:

Skygateshuttle is door-to-door shared ride from/to the airport. You may easily access to the Seminar House. The hiring cost is reasonable. You may reserve the skygateshuttle through the following website (