General Information

  Now that, large-scale linkage of renewable energy with the electrical network forces to develop a highly efficient hydrogen generation, storage and transportation t echnologies based on advanced nanostructured catalysts with quite large interfacial area. Carbon circulation economy or sustainable society concept induces huge investments world-widely. The device performance strongly depends on the nano-structure creation on Gas- Solid, Liquid-Solid and even Gas-Liquid/Solid interface. Moreover, the system cost is accommodated to the mega- scale production stage. This is the reason why the congestion control methodology should be created interdisciplinary. 3rd NGRC will be organized to further backup such an interdisciplinary academic frontier and academic achievements encountered in JES focus issue publication. It will be schedules as a preconference of the 12th Molten Salt Conference, Kyoto.

  We encourage submission of titles for oral or poster presentations no later than July 31th, 2023  August 31st, 2023 (extended), to NGRC2023 office (

Expected Session Topics include the following subjects:
(1) Hydrogen Energy Technology toward Carbon Circulation Economy Society

(2) Large-scale Renewable Energy Linkage with Conventional Electrical Network

(3) Nucleation and Growth Phenomena in Electrochemical/Materials Processing
  3a: Materials Processing: ULSIC & TFT, Solar Cell, SiC, Super Conducting Devices
  3b: Electrochemical Processing: Additives, 3D Interconnect, Magnetic Recording Media
  3c: Advanced Catalyst for Hydrogen Energy, Water Splitting
(4) In-situ Measurements on Interfacial Reaction and Multi-scale Computation
  KMC, Phase Field Model

(5) Electrochemical/Materials Processing under Extreme Conditions
  5a: Superconducting Technology or Materials Processing under Magnetic Field
  5b: Electrodeposition of Active Metals in High- Temperature Molten Salts
  5c: Electrolysis on the Lunar Surface or Strong Radiation Field