2024 Achievement Report

1. Achievement Report
・Use the title of the research project as it was during the application process. If the current title of the research project differs from the one used at the time of application, please prominently display the original project name at the top of the report. Beneath that, provide the title that more accurately reflects the current content of the research

* Set your PDF without any security features. Submit your report via the Google Form linked in the provided URL. Make sure to prepare the report in the specified format and submit it in PDF form. The reports for Plan A, Proposal B, and Joint Research C should each be 2 pages, whereas the Research Symposium D report should be limited to 1 page. Additionally, list the names of the Key Person and any collaborators from the Institute of Advanced Energy as co-authors in your report.

2. Outline of the Research Project (About 70 words)
Please provide a concise summary of your research project, approximately 70 words in length, and submit this summary along with your report through the provided Google Form.

Submission deadline: Friday, January 24, 2025 (JST)

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