Application for Joint Research

We started to call for FY 2024 applications at "Joint Usage/Research Center for Zero Emission Energy"

Our research base provides relevant researchers nationwide with advanced and interdisciplinary knowledge/information and access to research facilities/installations possessed by the Kyoto University Institute of Advanced Energy in an effort to promote energy research on Zero-Emission Energy with the goal of solving global environmental problems. In this spirit, we have the following public offerings for joint usage/joint research in FY 2024. With regard to nuclear fusion research through joint usage/joint research at our research base, we are looking for research themes that are not included in the interactive collaborative research carried out by the National Institute for Fusion Science within the National Institute of Natural Science.

Takashi Morii,
Institute of Advanced Energy.

Toshiyuki Nohira
Promotion office of Zero Emission Energy Research.

Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines (PDF) : [175KB]

Application Deadline

For (A) - (D), applications were accepted until noon on Friday, January 19, 2024.
Applications must be submitted through Google Forms during the application period.(After your Key Person has checked the application)
Google Form URL:Acceptance has been closed.
The form at the URL above will close at noon on Friday, January 19, 2024.


    • Institue of Advanced Eergy, Kyoto University
    • The Joint Usage/Research Center for Zero Emission Energy Research
    • E-mail address : ze-shinsei(at)
    • Tel : (0774)38-3413

List of joint use equipments and facilities(Updated November, 2023)


*We expect to update this document.