Outline of This Project

Inter-University Research Program (MEXT)
Research Project for Zero Emission Energy System

▶ Leader :Director of IAE
▶ Project Period:The 1st term : FY 2011‒2015
▶The 2nd term : FY 2016‒2021

The energy system for next generation should be an environmentally friendly or ecological one, this we propose an innovative concept of Zero Emission Energy. IAE Zero Emission Energy Research aims at the realization of environmentally friendly energy system for sustainable society with minimum emission of environmental pollutants (Greenhouse Gases, Air Pollutants, Waste Energy, Hazardous Wastes, etc.), and with maximum utilization of energy and resources. This project promotes interdisciplinary researches of energy relevant fields, education and training of young students and researchers in the field of advanced energy science.

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Activities in FY2017

Joint Usage/Research Collaborations
Total of 100 Subjects with 270 Participants from 42 Organizations

International Symposium (September 5 ‒ 7, 2017)
"The 8th International Symposium of Advanced Energy Science"
~ Interdisciplinary Approach to Zero Emission Energy ~

・ Zero Emission Energy Network activities for information exchange on Zero Emission Energy Research.

・ Briefing Meeting of Inter-University Collaborations in FY 2017 (March 7, 2018).

・Promotions of other Workshops/Seminars of ZE Research.

Inter-University Research Program