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High-Temperature Plasma Physics Lab. (K-7)

Institute of Advanced Energy (Cooperating Chair) (Cooperating Chair) - Advanced Energy Generation Research Division, Complex Plasma System Research Section - The Laboratory for Complex Energy Processes, High‐Temperature Plasma Equipment Engineering Section


In 2019, our grope, K-7, was renewed by combining the former K-7 and K-8. Nevertheless, the direction of our research and education would not changed. Moreover we'd like to have more MOMENTUM for the characterization of the fusion-relevant high-temperature plasmas in Heliotron J, from both the physics and engineering points of view.

We apologize that at the momemt, the English web pages are only this page and "access" page. Other links will bring you to the corresponding Japanese pages.

Graduate Program

If you would like to study in our laboratory, one needs to apply to the International Energy Science Course (IESC). Please access the IESC site to find the procedure and the time schejule.
Admission information is here, and please make sure that all the documents need to be ready.

Our goupe name is currently "K-7 (High-Tempeature Plasma Physic (IAE))" that used to be both "K-7" and "K-8".

News and Notices

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