Professor Takashi Morii Honored with Prestigious Japanese Society of Nucleic Acids Chemistry Award for 2023


Professor Takashi Morii was honored with the prestigious 2023 Ikehara Award by the Japanese Society of Nucleic Acids Chemistry (JSNAC), marking a significant milestone in his illustrious career. His receipt of the award was commemorated by a distinguished lecture he delivered at the 50th International Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry (ISNAC 2023) on November 2.

The Ikehara Award is bestowed upon researchers who have not only spearheaded the advancement of nucleic acids chemistry but have also contributed to the field through their remarkable research accomplishments, yielding original and exceptional findings.

Professor Morii has been at the forefront of establishing fundamental scientific tenets for the creation of biomacromolecules that execute their intended functions, driven by his innovative concepts on molecular recognition. This includes the cooperative complex formation between nucleic acids and proteins, as well as the molecular design crafted through chemical synthesis. His contributions have garnered extensive acclaim both in Japan and around the globe, culminating in the bestowal of this esteemed accolade.


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