Advanced Energy Materials

Advanced Energy Conversion Division Advanced Energy Materials Research Section

Associate Professor : Tatsuya HINOKI
Professor (Concurrent) : Kazunari MATSUDA

Novel materials are developed with resistance for severe environment based on material design.

R&D of ceramic material for advanced energy application

The research activity puts emphases on R&D of the advanced ceramic materials like SiC/SiC composites for nuclear advanced fission, fusion and aerospace application utilizing nano-technique. The R&D include development of novel materials, applications and environmental effects from basic science through engineering. Many collaborative researches are ongoing with domestic and international institutions in US, Italy and OECD.

Development of Particle Dispersion SiC Composites

Interphase between fiber and matrix is the weakest link for conventional SiC composites in terms of environmental effect.
Novel SiC composites with particle dispersion SiC matrix was developed without the interphase. The SiC composites have excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance.


Ion irradiation effect on advanced materials

Material properties are affected by neutron irradiation under nuclear fusion and fission environment. Irradiation effect of advanced materials like ceramic matrix composites are evaluated by ion irradiation utilizing DuET. Novel materials are developed based on understanding of swelling behavior and microstructure change of constituents.

Irradiation effect on SiC composites

High purity SiC ceramics are stable under neutron irradiation. It was found that SiC fibers are affected significantly due to impurities like carbon depending on irradiation conditions.


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