In order to study at the Institute of Advanced Energy (IAE)

At the Institute of Advanced Energy, we focus on research that aims towards the next generation of advanced energy among a wide range of academic fields spanning physic, chemistry, biology and engineering, as well as education that trains and produces students capable of originality and international activity. In order to study at the IAE, it is possible to either be admitted into an affiliated laboratory of the Graduate School of Energy Science, or to be enrolled as a research student. There are twelve laboratories that accept students at the IAE, with faculty members covering a wide range of specialties ranging from physics, chemistry and biology to engineering.

If you wish to attend the Graduate School of Energy Science

The IAE, offers affiliated laboratories collaborating with the Graduate School of Energy Science, and accepts graduate students (master's course and doctoral course students) in order to educate and perform research supervisions. If you wish to enroll into the master's or doctoral programs, please check the affiliated laboratory you wish to attend and take part in the entrance examination. Please see the Graduate School of Energy Science's home page for details, including information regarding the entrance examination and information about when the orientations for the entrance examinations are held.

List of affiliate laboratories in the graduate school
Fundamental Energy Science Energy Conversion Science Energy Science and Technology
High-Temperature Plasma Physics Advanced Energy Conversion Quantum Radiation Energy Science
Energy Optical Properties Plasma Energy Conversion Physics of Energy Materials
Interfacial Energy Processes Functional Energy Conversion Materials Photon Energy Science
Energy Nano Technology
Biofunctional Chemistry

If you wish to enroll as a research student

Apart from enrolling as a graduate student, it is possible to participate in research activities by enrolling as a research student at the IAE. If you wish to become a research student, please contact your prospective supervisor under whom want to study and obtain a consent of acceptance. After the appointed proceedings have been completed, you will become a research student. Please note that degrees are not given to research students. For more details, please contact your prospective supervisor.

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