Structural Energy Bioscience

Advanced Energy Utilization Division Structural Energy Bioscience Research Section

Professor : Masato KATAHIRA
Associate Professor : Takashi NAGATA
Assistant Professor : Yudai YAMAOKI

We aim at the establishment of biorefinery through the development of biomass and biomolecules based on structural biology.

Toward biorefinery through the development of biomass and biomolecules based on structural biology

We explore the way how biomolecules such as proteins (involving enzymes) and functional nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) work at atomic resolution based on structural biology with NMR. For example, we have elucidated how functional RNA can trap the protein that causes prion diseases. We are also engaged in development of the new methodology to elucidate the underlying mechanism of functions of these biomolecules. We have successfully developed the way to monitor the base conversion reaction by anti- HIV enzyme in real-time by NMR for the first time. Currently, we are developing the way to extract energy and valuable materials that can be used as starting materials of various products from wood biomass. Thus, we pursue to contribute to the paradigm shift from oil refinery to biorefinery.

Biorefinery based on biodegradation of wood biomass studied by NMR

Establishment of biorefinery on the basis of biodegradation of wood biomass studied by NMR.


Obtained the direct evidence of the lignin-carbohydrate linkage in wood cell walls by the heteronuclear multidimensional NMR techniques


The real-time NMR observation of the ssDNA-specific cytidine-deaminase activity of APOBEC3B


Observation of the in-cell NMR signals of the hairpin structure forming DNAs and RNAs introduced inside the living human cells


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