High-Temperature Plasma

The Laboratory for Complex Energy Processes High-Temperature Plasma Equipment Engineering Research Section

Professor (Concurrent) : Kazunobu NAGASAKI

To realize the production of core plasma in nuclear fusion, the physical research and development of heating, control, and diagnostics for high-temperature plasmas.


(1) High Frequency Wave Heating for High Temperature Plasmas

New power sources are being developed for complement of fossil fuel power plants. Fusion power plant using high-temperature plasmas is one of candidates. Our plasma confinement device, Heliotron J is one of torus devices using strong magnetic field. The ion-cyclotron range of frequency (ICRF) heating is applied to it, which utilizes the resonance phenomenon between ions and waves. The ICRF heating produces fast ions. By using such fast ions, the relation of fast-ion confinement to the magnetic field configuration is studied in Heliotron J, of which the magnetic field configuration is changeable using five sets of magnetic field coils.


(2) High Density Plasma Production

Plasma particles must be supplied for producing stationary confined plasmas. They are supplied usually by gas injection from the outside of plasmas. However, the gas injection is not so effective since the particles are ionized in the edge region and become plasma particle in poor confinement region. The hydrogen ice pellet is utilized for fueling into plasma core region since it attains deeper penetration. The high-density plasma production and confinement study is performed using pellet injection in Heliotron J.


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