Research Unit for Non-linear/Non-equilibrium Plasma Science Research

Leader:Prof. Hitoshi Tanaka (Professor, Graduate School of Energy Science)
Leader in IAE:Prof. Kazunobu Nagasaki
Project Period:FY2020 ‒ FY2025

Kyoto University has a long history and achievement of diverse plasma research. In this unit, targeting on various phenomena dominated by non-linear and non-equilibrium nature on a wide range of spatio-temporal scales in fusion plasma, light-quanta plasma, basic / applied plasma, cosmic / astro-physical plasma, we develop research activities to build the academic foundation of plasma as a complex system full of complexity and diversity, and to explore applied researches, by sharing a wide range of knowledges and findings through active collaboration and cooperation with researches in different field, such as material science, life and biological science, mathematical science and information / computational science, etc., in which similar processes play an essential role in the phenomena of concern. Through such activities, we explore the new research approach and methodology for realizing high-performance and high-functionality plasmas carrying the next generation and contribute to develop human resources who will lead them.

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