Cooperation with industries and national institute

The Institute of Advanced Energy is promoting meetings for industry-academia-government, Industry-University collaboration symposia, technical assistance, technology transfer to companies, open advanced research facility initiative, and so on.

Open advanced research facility initiative

Dual-Beam Facility for Energy Science and Technology (DuET), Multi-Scale Testing and Research facility (MUSTER), KU-FEL, and NMR Facilities are open for industries to evaluate materials performance from the viewpoint of multi-scale structure; atomic size, defect size, grain size, etc. to understand the materials behavior in practical applications. Our facilities have supported about 85 companies to contribute in their progress of innovative materials R&D.

Benefits for Companies are follows.

  • Rapid progress of products development by use of high performance equipment.
  • Reduction of expenditure for equipment.
  • Rapid investigation of new idea.
  • Use of very expensive equipment.
  • Access to excellent faculties and research resources at IAE.

The projects can meet the various demands of researchers, especially those in industry, and it is another way that IAE contributes to science and technology from basic research to innovative creations.

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