Laboratory for Complex Energy Processes

  • Self‐Assembly Science
  • High-Temperature Plasma Equipment Engineering
  • Broad Band Energy Science
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Biomass Product Tree Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Laboratory
  • Collaborative Research Office
  • Technical Section

This Laboratory is a core research center for strategic and multidisciplinary collaboration studies in IAE, offering cooperative project activities in the field of the advanced energy. The Center has three divisions : (1) "Division of Plasma and Quantum Energy Research", for fusion and related advanced energy studies, (2) "Division of Soft Energy Science Research", that promotes innovative functional materials based on nanotechnology and biotechnology, and (3) "Division of International and Industrial Partnership" that promotes and enhances activities and relationship with foreign and domestic research partners including industry and private sector. Corresponding to the two research areas, "Self-Assembly Science", "High-Temperature Plasma Equipment Engineering", "Broad Band Energy Science", the Donation Program "Environmental Microbiology", and "Biomass Product Tree Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Laboratory" research sections belong to the Laboratory.

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