Advanced Laser Science

Advanced Energy Conversion Division Advanced Laser Science Research Section

Associate Professor : Takashi NAKAJIMA
Professor (Concurrent) : Yuhei MIYAUCHI

The use of lasers enables us to provide energy to the target materials and monitor their real-time change without any physical contact. We fully utilize such properties of lasers to synthesize nanomaterials and carry out the real-time monitoring of their dynamics.

In-situ synthesis and real-time analysis of nanomaterials using lasers

Typical strategies to modify the film properties are to introduce a multilayer structure or nanoparticles in the film matrix.
Our aim is to develop a new technique to in-situ synthesize nanoparticles in the film matrix using a laser, and utilize them for new optical devices. Another important subject we are working on is to develop a new optical technique to monitor the formation of nanobubbles during the electrolysis with an aim to improve the efficiency of water electrolysis for the efficient production of hydrogen gas.

Optical detection of bubbles during electrolysis

By clarifying the formation process of hydrogen bubbles during the water electrolysis by laser scattering technique we can design better electrodes with optimized morphology.


In-situ synthesis of polymer-metal nanocomposite film

By irradiating a CO2 laser at 1 W for 10 sec the polymer film with a precursor of nanoparticles becomes nanocomposite films.


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