Student Association

Currently about 100 students, who belong to 13 laboratories, are working diligently at the Institute of Advanced Energy (IAE) on their own research projects. However, these laboratories span diverse academic disciplines and research topics, limiting the opportunities for students in different laboratories to interact. To promote the exchange of ideas among all IAE students for a deeper understanding and integration of the various research projects conducted at IAE, the IAE Graduate Student Association (IAE-GSA), which is composed of students affiliated with IAE, was established in 2004.

Since its inception, IAEGSA has organized many activities, including welcome receptions for new students, the Annual Kick-off to Summer Party, sports events (futsal, bowling, etc.) several times a year, and graduation mixers. Despite their busy schedules, many students and faculty members participate in these events, creating a friendly environment where conversations flow.

The mission of IAE is to pioneer creative research areas that challenge existing frameworks by taking advantage of its varied academic background and seamlessly integrating different research areas. The IAEGSA continues to support this mission by promoting an even greater interaction among students and faculty. Our goal is to create a research environment that is vibrant due to students' academic enthusiasm and curiosity as well as their abilities to play leading roles in research.


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