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The Institute of Advanced Energy (IAE) was established to promote researches to sophisticate the generation,conversion, and utilization of energy. Our goals are

  • (a) to conduct pioneering research on advanced energy science and technology,
  • (b) to propose solutions to energy and environmental issues associated with rapid global population expansion,
  • (c) to contribute to the sustainable progress of humankind.

We perform comprehensive approach towards development of next-generation energy systems, which have the potential to replace existing energy systems, with two viewpoints, Quality (harmonization with the environment) and Quantity (social infrastructure). In order to secure sustainable energy resources or systems, our research activities emphasize improving the performance of energy systems, developing new energy resources, and realizing systems for effective use of energy resources, which can be named as Zero Emission Energy System. Moreover, through these endeavors, we aim to foster scientists and engineers who possess advanced knowledge and skills in energy science and technology.


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