Governing the Urban Commons of Kuala Lumpur: Experimentalist Governance for Resilient Climate Co-Benefits Governance Regime

Past Events

Date: 27th February 2018 AM11:00-12:00

Venue: Main Seminar Room, Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University Uji Campus (N-571E)

Prof. Antonio Jose Junqueira Botelho (Universidade Candido Mendes(Brazil))

A main challenge facing Asian mega cities seeking win-win intervention
towards a sustainable maximization of climate co-benefits lies in the
complex governance of policy implementation. The practical politics of
urban climate co-benefits policy implementation is fraught with conflict
and misunderstandings. These are further amplified in the urban commons
by the long-term, fragmented and uncertain nature of the co-benefits.
We suggest that the experimentalist governance may contribute
to the construction of a resilient governance framework for the
implementation of policy towards climate co-benefits. The approach was
originally developed to provide a resilient, self-evolving analytic
routine for the design of experimentalist governance of sticky, complex,
multi-level policy problems under conditions of strategic uncertainty.
The wide scope of recent applications of experimentalism governance to
build alternative frameworks for the promotion of policy regimes in
contexts characterized by strategic uncertainty, including global and
transnational climate change regimes, seem to indicate the promise of
its application to the implementation of climate co-benefits policy in
urban commons.

Contact: Hideaki Ohgaki (Tel: 0774-38-3421)

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