Kyoto University Research Coordination Alliance,
Research Units for Exploring Future Horizons


Under the Kyoto University Research Coordination Alliance, 4 projects are ongoing as the organization “research unit”, where IAE is involved in 2 projects.

Unit of Data Science-based comprehensive area study (tentative name)

Leader:Fumiharu Mieno (Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
Leader in IAE:Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki
Project Period:FY2020 ‒ FY2024

IIn this program, 12 departments collaborate to establish a new domain “Data Science-based comprehensive area study” based on the fusion of interdisciplinary area studies and informatics. The study area will be the Asia-Pacific region, and the main areas of interest will be simulations, risk assessments, and evaluations of policy related to political, economic, and social design in those region. All participants share the viewpoint of the combination of informatics and quantitative evaluation, and conduct research by comparing different disciplines and issues between different countries.

Unit for Development of Sustainable Human Society

Leader: Prof. Takeshi Hasegawa (Institute for Chemical Research)
Project Period: FY2020 ‒ FY2025

The “Research Units for Exploring Future Horizons” called the 2nd phase program, and our proposal based on the former Unit for Development of Global Sustainability was granted. Now 8 departments adding the Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies plan to pursue sustainability study. Human sustainability goals (SDGs) with material energy circulation system and infrastructure, resilient social system will be developed and their deployment methodology will be studied. The 17 SDGs are short term targets and involves various conflicts among them. Our study will reveal the ultimate solution for long term survival of human.

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